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DJ With Sax DJ-V Party DJ – Saxophone & DJ Live Records – 50th Birthday Party

DJ With Sax DJ-V Party DJ, Saxophone & DJ Live Records – 50th Birthday Party

50th Birthday Party with DJ and SAX DJ-V. I like this video because it’s showing what I can offer as a Party DJ and SAX player. You can see the difference between regular DJ and My offer, below you can reed Why it is important to send a Play list to your Party DJ.

Some one has told me: Your Set up its fantastic mix, “HYBRID” between DJ and Live Performance. I liked this comment because it’s explaining my set up in very simplistic way 🙂

But what I want to put point in this blog was a PLAY LIST

Most of DJ’s asking their clients to send them a play list with at least few of their favourite songs.  And Yes that is one very positive signal that the your DJ is serious in his/hers profession. He/she will want to create atmosphere what you will expect on your Party.

Private Parties is not a Concert where DJ will play his favourite music or where he needs to show his scratching technique  Wedding DJ, Event DJ’s, Mobile Discos, or Party DJ’s are there to play what the Host or Majority of the guests will like to listened to.

Experienced DJ definitely will know to read the crowd. Probably will be good in guessing what type of music to play on the event. But will need a time to fill the pulse and will need to go through   few different genres of music until find the right one. If you don’t want your Party DJ to “checking the Pulse” send him a Play List.

I just want to make it clear your play list should be informative for your DJ. You don’t need to put 300 songs in your list, it’s better to have 30 songs from different genres what will give a Crystal clear idea what you want your DJ to play from the first song.


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