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Sax Cover Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

Sax Cover Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

Sax Cover on Song by Eric Clapton Tears In Heaven. One of most powerful ballad of all times. This song is recomposed for Movie “Rush” 1991 but behind this song is much more, if you want to know more about this song please visit wikipedia for more info .

Can you imagine your self on Party during reception with glass of Champagne in your hand welcoming your guest. And ME, Playing this song on Sax from the corner of the venue. If you like saxophone music please visit my web page and chose one of the packages what I can offer.

I’m working as a Saxophone teacher to. If you want to learn saxophone or know same one who want saxophone lessons. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, Or book a trial lesson over Berkshire Maestros.

Sax and DJ Party Booster

Party DJ with a booster on Sax

Imagine a fantastic party where your DJ is playing exactly what the audience want. Communicative, prompt DJ,  trying to be above and beyond to make your party so special. Fantastic from Start to finish, planning party in advance take a request for unique needs and requirements for every party. Taking request about the atmosphere of party. Use custom playlist use all advantage online playlist creators, Someone whom can be Trusted. Friendly, excellent communication, interaction with crowd …

On top of all to grab a SAX,  and come out with the crowd to enjoy the party as much as You.  That is a real Party Booster.

If you think this is a just a dream check my web page and see what my clients have say about their party.

Check the video below with JUST one-Party Booster Tune on SAX – Up Town Funk with Sax

Party tune “Feel It” covered on Saxophone


Party DJ and Solo saxophone performer Mr V

Hi every one for today I have something different from everything what I have posted here. I have recorded  a Party tune with house music elements   “Feel it” from Marga Sol on her  Original Mix just with saxophone on top. hopefully you will enjoy it. check my other videos 

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Party DJ and Saxophone performer DJ&SAX DJ-V

Hi everyone it’s Mr.V from DJ&SAX DJ V

if you are looking for party DJ I’m the one 🙂

today I have covered on Saxophone one of my favourite song from Gypsy Kings, it’s song called “Volare” hopefully you will enjoy it.

please fill free to leave a comment with songs what you will want me to play on Saxophone. thank you for Watching

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DJ&SAX DJ-V Reception Sax Music

Hello everyone it’s Mr.v from Dj&Sax Dj-V, Party DJ

Today i’m going to play for you a collage of a couple of songs what i usually play at the reception or at the beginning of your party. Hopefully this will give you an idea what to expect if you book me. This is just part of my repertoire for welcoming your guests. Hopefully you will enjoy.

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One Year with Mr.V


Hello every one I’m Mr.V from DJ&SAX DJ-V

Today I’m going to introduce my new Project, I personally am very exited for this project, and you are definitely wondering why am I doing this. Well I’m doing this to introduce my self and to engage with my internet community.

I’m calling  this project “One year with Mr.V”

I will do new videos every week most of my videos will be saxophone covers of songs that I do on Parties. and some of videos will be Remixes of popular songs, there will be a very few of my own compositions. Today I just want to show you my working room where I’m doing all preparations for Parties, composing and videos.

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Bye Now see you next week





One Year With Mr.V Dj&SAX DJ-V Project

Have an announcement to make?

For One Year Every Week New Video From

Hello Everyone I want to thank you all for having me on your events as your entertainer and thank you all who contacting me for quotation for your events.

I have started a blog on my web page, During the next year I will make new video every week and I will share these videos with you.

Please fill free to leave a comment, share on social media or let me know which song YOU will want me to recorded in next few weeks.

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