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First Dance announcement with Love Story DJ&Sax DJ-V

First Dance announcement

Love Story DJ&Sax DJ-V

20th of October I had to play on Wedding Party for lovely couple Andy & Holly. They had a wedding package DJ&SAX DJ-V. On one of the meetings we agreed first dance announcement to be with Love Story. They wrote to me their love story and I combine in one and use this to announce their First dance on the wedding day.

Andy’s and Holly’s Love story

Everything started on 5thof August 2016 when Andy and Mark went for drink in The Finery  Pub, at the same time Mimi and Peggy, Holly’s friends went for drink at the same pub, because of lovely sunny day there was no table for them and Andy and Mark as a real gentlemen’s offer to join them on their table, after few bears and bottle of wine Mimi said that there is a gorgeous friend of mine, and you will be perfect together her name is Holly,

Mimi you should start to thing of changing your career you will be ideal for finding perfect much for people,  

 After seeing Holly’s Facebook pictures Andy Said Yeah Sure Why not and he gave her his mobile number. 8thof August typical Monday morning  just few days before Holly’s Summer Holiday, she went to work and Mimi all exited said “I have a lovely guy for you to go on date with !” at this moment Holly how she said in her love story

“ I was Done with dating a men in General NO No NO!”

but after seeing a pictures of Andy and a bit of Push of Mimi, Holly agreed to give her number, they started to chatting over the phone and Holly thought he is sound like Danny Dyer.

That night they war messaging and talking till midnight and arranged to meet on Wednesday 10thof August in the same venue.

On 10thof August Andy and Mark nervously waiting for Holly and Mimi to arrive from Work, and now is a bit contradictory Andy said Holly gave me a huge hug and we couldn’t  stop smiling, From other side Holly said Andy Greeted me with a Big Smile and a Hug and I instantly felt Safe. Who hug who now? For Hugs is needed two people.  After Just one drink Mimi and Mark left them alone and they were talking and talking. The night finished with smouldering kiss.

Next Day Holly had to fly to Ibiza with her Son and friend Abby and her Daughter for summer holiday for whole 10 days not 5 not 7 for a 10 days holiday on Ibiza. During the holiday they war talking and messaging sending each other songs. On Holiday Holly turn to Abby and Said “I’m going to marry this Man “  

After the holiday they spend weekend together at Andy’s and that’s was how they met,

Andy telling us later in his story:

After months seeing each other as often as possible meeting for lunch during the week, staying over… and by the end of November with their first Christmas approaching Andy finally realise he met some one very special the woman of his dreams and the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

 After two years dating Andy bought a very expensive engagement ring from Hatton Garden London’s Diamond Centre, just to be on clear they were talking about wedding, engagement, living together and Holly was sending him a pictures of engagement rings what she would likes just for Joke!

11thof August 2018 Andy book a hotel room in Kensington from  client with whom he was working and had a fantastic offer for one of most expensive hotel rooms what they have, this was story what Andy told Holly to take her out on Date Night in exclusive hotel without she to be suspicious about his plans. During the dinner they were talking about marriage Holly said “We Will never Married”

At that moment Andy Pulled off his ring from his hand and say Here you go marry me, Holly complain on that the Ring is too big for her fingers, and she haven’t done her Nails. At that moment Andy take the right ring from his pocket and ask Holly “Why you don’t try This One” followed with question Will you Marry Me.

Can you imagine what was Holly’s answer? “Are You Kidding me?” she wasn’t sure are it’s Prank or Joke or real proposal, when she sow his face and realise it’s not a prank she Say Yes and started to Cry. And here we are today.

Andy is waiting to have his first dance as a married couple with his Perfect Match, Beautiful, Stunning, gorgeous, funny sexy, His best friend and the most caring Person with the biggest heart and the biggest Smile he absolutely adore her and love her so Much he is looking forward to spend the rest of his life with her, He still can’t believe on his Luck he still need pinch himself to be married to his Soul Mate.

And our Lovely Bride Holly is waiting to have her first dance as a married couple with her Dream Man who makes her Lough who accepts her for Her, support her, love Her, the Kindies and Caring person oh and Patient the most patient Person. She can’t imagine life without her Andy her Soul Mate

Please give one round of applause for our newlyweds and to invite them to the dance floor to have their first dance as a Married couple.      

they had a “Someone Like You” by Van Morrison

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