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Few Things What You Need To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book

Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book

From insurance to DJs to what ‘exclusive use’ really means, here are all the key questions to ask your wedding venue.

You’ll probably visit a few different wedding venues before you find the one you want to marry at. After all, from rustic venues to unusual venues, there’s so much to choose from!

There’ll be a huge amount of information to take away at each viewing and it’s easy to realise you forgot to ask lots of important questions.

To make sure you’ve got all the essential information you need before you put down a deposit, here’s a list of 51 questions to ask your wedding venue.

The best thing to do for each visit is print out a copy of our key questions to ask your wedding venue and jot down answers as you go. Not every question will be relevant to you, but this will cover all your bases so when it comes to comparing venues you’ll have all the info at hand.

The Basics

1. Is the Wedding Venue Available on the Date I Want?

Weekends and summer months are the most popular times for weddings and can get booked up over a year in advance. Check the venue’s available dates before you start getting into the finer details – this will avoid the disappointment of finding out the venue you have your heart set on isn’t free until 2021.

2. How Long Can I Provisionally Hold a Date For?

During peak season, it’s important to hold your wedding date to avoid the disappointment of someone else booking it. Some venues let you hold a date for free until they get other interest, while others will ask you to pay a refundable or non-refundable deposit – find out whether you’ll need to pay and how long they’ll hold it for while you weigh up your venue options.

3. How Many Guests Can You Accommodate in the Day and the Evening?

You and your partner will have at least a rough idea of the amount of guests that’ll be attending the wedding. Make sure the venues you’re looking at can accommodate your guest list.

4. Is the Venue Licensed for Civil Ceremonies?

If you want to have your ceremony and reception all under one roof, make sure your chosen venue has a wedding licence. If not, you may have to have your legal wedding beforehand and hold a blessing, or have a religious or civil ceremony somewhere else and then host your reception at the venue.

5. What Areas Will Be Available to Us?

It’s crucial to know what space and outdoor areas are included in the venue hire fee. If your ceremony is outside, find out what the back-up plan is if it rains on your wedding day: is there an indoor or covered area the ceremony can be moved to and what will change? Ask to see it too!

6. Is the Wedding Venue Available for Exclusive Hire?

Venues vary in terms of how many weddings they will allow on one day, who else is permitted on the grounds of the venue, and the times your suppliers are allowed in and out. If you’re looking for a private wedding venue where you will be the only couple getting married and the house, grounds and staff belong to you, ensure that your venue is an ‘exclusive use’ one.

7. If I Don’t Hire the Venue for Exclusive Use, Who Else Will Be There on My Wedding Day?

This question is particularly important if you’re getting married at a hotel or historic landmark. You’ll need to find out if any areas will be open to the public or other weddings. Just because a venue isn’t ‘exclusive use’, doesn’t mean there will be more than one wedding, so it’s really important to find out the details of who will be allowed to go where.

8. Who Will Be the Point of Contact in the Lead-Up to the Wedding?

Even if you think you’ve asked everything, questions will arise ahead of your wedding day so you need to know exactly who to contact. It’ll ease your stress to have a go-to person to contact to discuss finer details and can make your relationship with your wedding venue more personal.

9. Who From the Wedding Venue Will Be Present on the Day?

Finding out your point of contact on the day of your wedding is also just as important – will it be the same person who you’ve been dealing with the whole time, or someone new? The likelihood is it’ll be one of the wedding co-ordinators, venue manager or another senior member of staff. This is essential information for the ushers and bridesmaids as they will be taking care of any hiccups on the day.

10. Do You Have Recommended Suppliers or an In-House Caterer?

Some venues will supply you with a list of “recommended suppliers” who they regularly work with and trust, and it can be helpful if you’re not sure where to start with your search for a wedding photographer or cake supplier.

However, some venues will request that you stick only to their recommended suppliers, which can limit your choices for your big day and potentially not work with your budget.This is particuarly the case if they have an in-house caterer, who might not be able to supply a specific cuisine you want. If you do have external caterers, check kitchen facilities will be available to them and whether there’s a cost involved in that.

11. Is There Enough Parking for All Our Guests?

If lots of guests will be travelling by car to your venue, check the parking situation at the venue. If they don’t have allocated parking, are there nearby car parks or roads for guests to leave their cars, do they charge etc?

12. Can Guests Leave Their Cars Overnight?

Similarly, it’s handy to know if your guests can leave their cars overnight as it gives them more choice on how late they stay, whether they decide to have a drink, or whether they’ll need to think ahead about taxis.


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